Table of Contents

I. Career, Technical and Vocational Education
II. Regulations
III. Veterans
IV. Taxes
V. Agriculture
VI. Federalism
VII. Economic Growth
VIII. Higher Education
IX. Energy and the Environment
X. K-12 Education
XI. Healthcare
XII. Family
XIII. Adult Workforce


Indiana: A Vision for the State that Works

Mission: To make Indiana the state that works, the Pence Administration will promote private sector job growth, develop world-class schools, protect taxpayers and support Hoosier families.

Goals: To make Indiana the state that works, the Pence Administration will focus its strategies on the following goals:

1. Increasing private sector employment As measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development

2. Attracting new investment in Indiana, with emphasis on manufacturing, agriculture, life sciences and logistics As measured by investment (known as “total deals”) reported by the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University

3. Improving the math and reading skills of elementary students As measured by I-READ3 and ISTEP+ results from the Indiana Department of Education

4. Increasing graduation rates As measured by Indiana’s non-waiver graduation rate from the Indiana Department of Education

5. Improving the quality of the Hoosier workforce As measured by the American Community Survey and STATS Indiana

6. Improving the health, safety and well-being of Hoosier families, especially children As measured by the Kids Count Data Center from the Annie Casey Foundation

Career, Technical and Vocational Education Policy Goal: Enhance career, technical and vocational career pathways for high school students by engaging local employers and educators in designing demand-driven curriculum and providing applied learning opportunities. ...continue reading

Reducing Regulation Policy Goal: Give Indiana the best small business climate in America by taking a regulatory time-out until existing regulations are reviewed and by addressing the regulatory barriers to employment....continue reading

More Jobs, Better Services for Hoosier Veterans Policy Goal: Improve the quality of life for Hoosier veterans through strategies to reduce veterans’ unemployment, connect veterans with existing federal benefits, and expand educational opportunities for veteran families....continue reading

Putting Taxpayers First Policy Goal: Continue to practice the fiscal discipline necessary to make Indiana the state that works by balancing budgets, maintaining adequate reserves, and using the next dollar for tax relief....continue reading

Support and Grow Indiana Agriculture Policy Goal: Support and grow our state’s agricultural economy through trade promotion, agricultural innovation, skills development and a competitive tax structure for Hoosier farmers....continue reading

Promote Hoosier Solutions to Hoosier Problems Policy Goal: Measure the impact of federal burdens and mandates on Indiana and work with our Congressional delegation to reduce them....continue reading

Accelerate Indiana Innovation Policy Goal: Create new jobs and economic growth by commercializing more ideas from our universities and private research institutions and by bringing companies from around the country with the best ideas to Indiana....continue reading

Make College More Affordable and Accessible Policy Goal: Improve academic success through policies that increase the rate of on-time college completion and decrease the cost of obtaining a degree from Indiana’s public colleges and universities....continue reading

Maintain Low-Cost Energy & Improve Environmental Health Policy Goal:Maintain low-cost energy, improve the quality of our environment, and provide recreation opportunities for Hoosiers....continue reading

Increase K-12 Educational Success Policy Goal: Ensure all Hoosier children have access to high-quality schools and teachers which will give them the skills they need to compete in the U.S. and global economies....continue reading

Response to Gov. Daniels on Indiana and Implementing the Affordable Care Act Policy Goal: Provide Hoosiers with health care options that ensure the freedom and flexibility to meet the needs of our citizens....continue reading

Promote Strong Families and Protect Children Policy Goal: To put the family at the center of Indiana’s effort to improve the social and economic prospects of all Hoosier children, with a special focus on children facing life’s greatest challenges....continue reading

Enhance Training & Educational Pathways for Adult Workforce Policy Goal: Leave no adult behind by identifying the skills gap in the unemployed adult workforce and structuring training programs to plug those gaps....continue reading